I specialise in change.


I help businesses adapt through the use of strategy, operating model, communication, portfolio and programme mangement and business analysis. 

I'm interested in helping organisations to become more effective and understand their objectives and how they want to operate. I look at how digital can challenge the assumptions of ‘it’s always been this way’. The ever growing Internet of Things gives us greater connection to know what is going on in our environment. 

This data can be used to give us insight, knowledge and even the wisdom to lead our organisations profitably and sustainably.

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Creativity can change the world. The products we make and sell can be life-changing, serving and restoring humanity.

Quality and sustainability are important and everything we do is part of a bigger, interconnected whole.

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Please get in touch for:

Change Leadership,
Strategy development,
Interim Management,
Business Consultancy,
Project and Programme Mgt.,
Business Analysis.