We work with a number of clients and third-parties, without whom, there would be no Cavalli.  Here are just a few:


Clever Little Baby – Lovely Things for Little Ones
Hello Paperclip – Good design can captivate and inspire, it can create mood and emotion, it can engage and enthrall. Arriving at the right design for you is a process. My passion is to help you to navigate this path, right from the initial inception of an idea through to seeing the finished product rolling off the printing press. I want you to be as proud of the end product as I am. I believe that graphic design can transform your company’s image whether it’s a humble business card, brochure, magazine design or banner for a big event.
Loving Heart Cafe – Loving yourself is an art that can be learned. When you respect, accept, and honour everything about yourself, you can fully engage with others without your insecurities and fears getting in the way. When you love yourself, you can love anyone, everyone, your work, your environment, and every aspect of your life.
Passion at Work – I love working with organisations to create cultures where everyone wants to belong and takes pride in co-creating the future. That is my definition of ‘ownership’.
Exeter Blacksmith, John Howson, started Hotstuff Blacksmith in 2008 after gaining eleven years experience creating bespoke hand-forged wrought iron work within the city of Exeter. Hotstuff Blacksmith is dedicated to using both conventional tools and techniques to create traditional and contemporary hand forged work and modern tools for general fabrications.