About Us


Matthew Howson (Founder and Managing Director)

I’ve always worked in the gap between IT and the business.  I fell into it and it suited me enough to stay for many years.  I spent my days navigating politics, placating and soothing wounded egos, translating techie into English and tried to do a decent job in the process.

I belonged to the machine.  I played my part in the organisation, sustained the status quo, created products.  All was well.

Or so I thought.

I began to observe the fruit of the organisations that I worked for and interacted with.  I began to watch not only the products, but the by-products. There are many good things that organisations are capable of producing, however, there can also be some rather unpleasant side-effects.

We are all too aware of the environmental impact of some of our systems, but what about other things like stress, aggressive behaviour, insecurity, low self-esteem, poverty, depression – could these be by-products of the very systems we have created?

I have had a growing conviction that there are other ways of working, of relating, of making and selling products.  All products and systems have been designed to work as they do.  We, as a society, design systems that stress us, control us and inflict a low-grade misery upon us.  I am passionate about changing this status quo.

With brutal honesty, courage and vision, I believe we can start to change the way we live, one product and system at a time.



Why Cavalli?

Many years ago I met a man who walked the earth. He wore it like a coat, its dirt under his nails, its sun captured in his tattooed skin.

He drew close to me and spoke as gently as his gravelled, smokey voice would allow, ‘You’re one of those Mavericks aren’t you. Those wild horses that roam freely, that go to places no one else goes’. It made my heart race with excitement – like a child who wakes to find it is Christmas Day. It was as though this wanderer had looked into my very being and seen my heart’s desire.

Although in my Twenties, I felt like a child in front of this grizzled, rockstar-esque man. My clean, fresh-faced, smart-clothed appearance looked so fake in the face of the truly genuine. I was scared and insecure. He may have hit on my heart’s desire, but here and now, I felt like a boy before a warrior.

That day, he planted a seed. It took many years to break the surface, but in that moment, Cavalli, which is Italian for “horses”, was born.